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I'm a little late with this, but I recently posted Chapter 10 "More Than One Companion" of "Quest" at MPTT! The reason the numbering is off kilter is because the archive counts the prologue as Chapter One. I hope you enjoy reading my tale!

Quest is dedicated to Lily Baggins who can never get enough of Frodo and Aragorn fic!
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So sorry I am late in extending my best wishes to you on your special day, Dawn. I hope your B-Day was wonderful!!!

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I hope your day is filled with wonderful surprises! *Hugs*
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We will be having the "official" announcement at the anniversary celebration of MPTT on July 27th. But here is a basic guide to the Remix including the dates, and how it will be set up. If you haven't made up your mind yet, I hope this helps.

In the meantime, any questions at all, please ask your mods!

1. Each writer will be assigned an author and you may choose from any of her stories for your remix. We are considering giving particiapnts the choice to request an edited list of the assigned author's work if you feel looking at a large number of stories would prove overwhelming.

NOTE: Authors may choose to designate any of her stories as "Safe Stories", meaning those stories are not up for the remix.

2. The length is still being discussed, but that is also much like the fic exchanges we do. The story should be longer than a drabble or one-page ficlet. More details on this with the official announcement.

3. Each participant will indicate what types of stories/genres she is willing to write. This will help us in matching people to an appropriate author. Again, this is like the Yule exchange. If you have a preference, please state this, and conversely, please let us know if there are genres you will not be willing to write. This will assist us in matching authors up appropriately.

4. The ratings will follow the GFIC main group standards which allow ratings G - PG13 only!

5. We will announce the challenge on July 27th and immediately match up participants and hand out the assignments so you will have almost 8 weeks to finish by the September 22nd due date, which of course, coincides with another important birthday!

6. It would help us immensely if everyone who is definitely decided about participating would drop us a line. That way, we'd be able to start the matching process in advance of the announcement.

7. Participants will not be told who has been assigned to remix their story! The posting will be anonymous for a few days just for the fun of guessing who wrote what. In this spirit, we also ask that you not share the information with others regarding which author you are remixing!

NOTE: We will need some volunteers to "pinch hit" in case of unforeseen circumstances in which someone is unable to finish the assignment. We do ask that you consider the time committment of taking on this challenge and be prepared to finish it in time. It functions much like a Fic Exchange, in which another person is expecting to receive a story in turn for the one she is writing, so please consider this when deciding whether or not to join in!

Thanks, and more info coming soon! If you'd like to participate, please contact us by posting a response here of on the GFIC group or LJ Community.

Cathleen, Dreamflower, Pearl Took, and Dawn Felagund
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If only we could have gotten closer! What a fantastic time we had last night when Alan Jackson visited Watertown, NY as part of the DPAO (Disabled Persons Action Organization) Summer Concert Series and performed before a crowd of 8000 appreciative fans!!!


Jul. 3rd, 2010 08:13 pm
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I have posted Chapter Eight of Quest! Here is the link to the chapter on the GFIC group's archive,
"Many Paths to Tread":
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One day late, but just as heartfelt! *Hugs* I hope your day was wonderful!!!
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And the top finisher in *my* poll----- QUEST! Looks like I've got a LOT of work to do.....

Name: ceshaughnessy
LJ Name: ceshaughnessy
Voting Preference: all
Poll Post: here

Winning Story idea:

Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Rating: teen
Type: gen
Description: "Quest" - Slightly AU. The Fellowship has not travelled together for long but already it is apparent that the One Ring’s influence on Frodo Baggins is growing. As he struggles to keep his increasingly dark thoughts at bay, his companions are finding they also are subject to a subtle increase in moodiness. Before long, a blizzard traps the Fellowship in a cave where their problems escalate, and suspicions grow difficult to ignore. . . (

"SHE WAITS. . ."

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Here are the fics I've put up. Anyone can vote, and I'd really appreciate the FB so please let me know which story you'd most like to see finished first! Thank you, everyone!!!

Finish-a-thon Cathleen Poll
Poll #1577757

My Poll is here:

The following are the plot-bunnies which Cathleen (ceshaughnessy) has put up for voting:

Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Rating: teen
Type: gen

"Quest" - Slightly AU. The Fellowship has not travelled together for long but already it is apparent that the One Ring's influence on Frodo Baggins is growing. As he struggles to keep his increasingly dark thoughts at bay, his companions are finding they also are subject to a subtle increase in moodiness. Before long, a blizzard traps the Fellowship in a cave where their problems escalate, and suspicions grow difficult to ignore. . . (

Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Rating: teen
Type: gen

Turning Points - Pippin enters adolescence and discovers there are many kinds of "Turning Points" in nature. His first experience with the "Took Sight" is as unsettling as his realisation he's looking at lasses in a much different way. (

Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Rating: all-ages
Type: gen

Room for Adventure - Pippin seeks his own adventure after reading more of the old journal he stumbled upon while exploring the rooms that used to belong to the "Old Took". . . (

Fandom: Lord of the RIngs
Rating: teen
Type: see description

Who Needs Enemies? - This is an AU tale: Young Pippin Took is led into mischief by his distantly-related cousin of the same age, Sancho Proudfoot. When some of their mischief culminates in a huge disaster, the Took's learn the dark secret the Proudfoot family has been keeping for generations. A/N: This story portrays the use of old-fashioned disciplinary methods, as evidenced by the punishments Pippin receives, and in contrast, it explores the abusive treatment of a child, as shown in the portrayal of Sancho's relationship with his family. It also explores twelve-year-old (in man years) Pippin's and Sancho's friendship. Rated PG 13 for subject matter and for some descriptive punishment scenes. (
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Nominations Open for 2010 MEFAs

The 2010 Middle-earth Fanfiction Awards have officially begun. We are
accepting nominations from now until June 15, and would love to include your
favorite stories, poems, essays, and other fanfic.

For an overview of what pieces are eligible and which aren't, as well as a
run-down of some important changes to the 2010 awards, see

If you would like to nominate stories, you will need to join the Yahoo group

Anyone who joins that group will be able to nominate up to twenty pieces of
Tolkien fanfic, either their own or someone else's. Nominated authors will
be able to vote in the awards but need to join the MEFAwards group in order
to nominate stories.

Thanks in advance for your participation and interest! If you have
questions, please email me: mefasupport-at-gmail-dot-com.

Marta (MEFA Admin.)
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Well, the holidays are over and it's back to work tomorrow for me, after a wonderful
4 day weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed that it won't be too chaotic a Monday morning, but that might be too much to hope for, lol!!! Happy Back-to-Work Monday to all of you!

MEFA 2009

Jan. 3rd, 2010 06:49 pm
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Well, Great Auntie Pringle Took surprised me by winning a place in the MEFA's this year!

"A Matter of Perspective" received Third Place in Genres: Humor: Family

Thank you so much to everyone who commented on my noms, I very much appreciate it!!
Congratulations again to all the winning authors and three cheers to Marta and her team for making the MEFA's possible - here's to next time!!!
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The mods of the LOTR Gen-Fic group are very pleased to announce the opening of our new archive to the public and and we invite everyone to come see what our site has to offer for your reading and posting pleasure!

Everyone is welcome to post Tolkien-based fiction and non-fiction. The basic guidelines for our sites are as follows:

"The LOTR Gen-Fic Group is a friendly, supportive place for writers and readers of mainstream Fanfic. Torture or gratuitous violence, M-Preg, or Incestuous relationships are prohibited. Allowable Ratings on Group: G - PG13, however ratings in the ARCHIVE ONLY are: G - R and content *DOES NEED TO FIT THE GUIDELINES as noted here* please! Mild slash and references to pairing are allowed, but no graphic scenes. Please include your rating in the Fic Header and if in doubt about content or genre you may contact a mod. Comments on stories are encouraged and appreciated, but unkind remarks and rudeness will not be tolerated. Please keep off-topic posts to a minimum. We're here to enjoy the company of our fellow members and share our love of Tolkien's work. We also host monthly challenges on the Group's Livejournal. Our Challenges consist of assigned elements and prompts, and creative ideas. All Tolkien characters are welcome!"

Please feel free to contact one of the mods if you have questions about the Archive, Challenge Site, and/or the Group. We're more than happy to help!

"Many Paths to Tread:

LOTR General Fanfic Group on Yahoo:

LOTR Community Monthly Challenges on Live Journal:

Pearl Took:
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What a cute idea! I had to go get one too!! *Grin*

Get Your Own! | More Flash Toys
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I hope it has been a beautiful day for all of you!!
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Wow, just 3 weeks after opening we are now up to 35 members, 25 authors, 213 stories and 23 reviews!!! The mods are very pleased with the progress being made by our new 'baby' and we invite everyone to come on over and see what the archive has to offer! We are especially interested in finding authors who would like to post their Tolkien non-fiction. We have a few essays listed already and are actively seeking more. Have you written an essay you'd like to share with the group? If so, we'd love to have you on board, as well as writers of other Tolkien-related pieces.

The group's Guidelines can be found on the homepage of the yahoo group, which anyone can access regardless of membership. Also, you are free to join either the challenge group or the main group in order to archive at MPTT, or you may join us on both.

Please feel free to contact one of the mods if you have questions about the Archive, Challenge Site, and/or the Group! We'd be more than happy to help.

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I am a wee bit late in posting this here, due to recent interruptions caused by that pesky hospitalization! I'd like to invite everyone to come see our brand new archive and perhaps see what the GFIC Group and the Community Challenges are all about. We'd love to have some new writers *and* readers join us, and we are quite proud of the new archive, not only because it took months of thought and lots of hard work, but because it was a true labour of love for all who were involved. A very special "Thank you" to Dawn Felagund, the site's designer and our wonderful webmaster, as well as Dreamflower and Pearl Took, who each worked so hard to help make this archive a reality - you ladies ROCK!

Many Paths to Tread shire

Many Paths to Tread-- A Tolkien Fanfiction Archive of the Lord of the Rings GenFic Community

ribbon cutting ceremony

At long last we are opening our new archive! We mods (Cathleen, Dreamflower, Pearl Took and Dawn Felagund) are very excited about this. We have been working hard on it for months, and feel that it is now ready for you members to read, post and explore.

The site, we think, is very visually appealing, thanks to Dawn's hard work. We currently have two skins available. The first one has all the "bells and whistles" and is image-intensive: for example, we have randomly rotating images on the header! The second one is simpler, and meant to be user-friendly for those who have slow internet or dial-up connections. We are using the e-fiction program, which is very familiar to many of you, although we have added a few things to it.

One thing some of you may notice: many of you may already have stories on the site. We are putting all of the challenges there, and so far have uploaded the first three challenges of the LOTR Challenge Community, the 2008 May Challenge: Coronation; the 2008 June Challenge: Father's Day; and the 2008 July Challenge: Summertime. If you see something incorrect or missing in your story entry, please feel free to edit and fix the problem. You may find these three Challenges by clicking on "Challenges" on the Home Page, or by looking for "Series" in the search program. For those of you who were added by the mods, you may certainly go in and edit your profile, change your user name if you like, etc.

We will in time add each challenge to the site, but if you wish to go ahead and upload your challenge stories before then, you may certainly do so!

Because the archive is new, it is likely to have a few problems. We believe that we have most of them fixed, but are aware that there are some which will be inevitable. For that reason, for the time being posting privileges will be limited to those who are members of either the Yahoo! group, LOTR_Community_GFIC or the LiveJournal community, LOTR Community Challenges ( lotr_community). We hope by doing this, we will be able to manage the numbers of stories being uploaded at one time in the beginning, and minimize inconveniencing people when glitches do happen. If you are a member of either community, simply let us know and we will give you posting privileges. However, even non-members are free to join, read and comment, and it is our plan to open the archive to open posting for all at the beginning of 2010. Please email us at for general questions or suggestions, or at for technical questions.

Please go to check out Many Paths to Tread and let us know what you think! We hope you all will be as excited about it as we are!

The mods,

Cathleen (ceshaughnessy)
Dreamflower (dreamflower02)
Pearl Took (pearltook1)
Dawn Felagund (dawn_felagund)
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Happy to say I am home from the hospital and on the mend! Thank you all so much for the well-wishes and another big thank you to Dreamflower for the lovely Pippin and Diamond Fic!!!

Hopefully I will feel like doing some writing now that sugery is a week behind me and I am feeling more awake!

*Hugs to all*

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Pippin and Tulip finally get their story!

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More of Tulip's continuing adventure!

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