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Some of you may be familiar with ZOOTOO. It's an online gathering of animal lovers with a wealth of info for everyone. Right now, the annual "Million Dollar Shelter Makeover" contest is running and will end in just NINE DAYS! I work with our local shelter, the Jefferson County SPCA, helping with fundraising, and would like to ask everyone for their support!

Last year we made it to the top 3, but didn't win the makeover. The shelter is saving the $10,000. prize awarded toward expansion as soon as enough money is gathered. One reason our local SPCA is overflowing is because our area has an ever increasing population, both at our military base, Ft Drum, and within the community. This, of course, creates much more need for help with our shelter which is in dire need of expansion. Added to the population increase here are the tragic cases of abuse and neglect when animals are abandoned. There is only so much room for these poor animals and we're doing everything we can to help ease the burden. Also, our SPCA is a "no-kill" facility. Meaning animals accepted there are not euthanized. Instead, homes are found for many. We exist solely on donations and fundraising.

What this involves is joining ZOOTOO and helping us rack up points by doing any of the various activities offered there. You get our shelter 50 points just by joining, and there is no obligation to do anything further unless you want to.

Anyone interested in helping, just logon at the link below, and be sure to list the Jefferson County SPCA as the shelter you wish the points to go to. The Zip Code is 13601.

Thanks so much!



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