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This story was written for the Gen-Fic Group's January "Potluck" Challenge!

Was Pippin destined to look into the palantir?

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The LOTR Community G-Fic Group
[ profile] lotr_community, would like to announce our January Challenge entitled "The Potluck Challenge". It offers the opportunity for writers to choose their own prompt. Basically, it consists of the lists of elements that were not claimed from our previous challenges. You may choose one or more from those that are available, and we will strike out the ones that have been claimed. You are free to choose more than one if you like!

To claim your prompt, please comment at the challenge site at this post or email either Dreamflower or Cathleen with the number of the prompt you are claiming. We will then cross it off the list. If you choose to do a story from the May, August, or September challenges, then simply choose your elements from the list for that month -- you don't have to tell us which ones.

If by chance you started a story from a previous challenge and didn't finish it, this would be the perfect opportunity to complete your story and post it!

Stories will be due the weekend of January 16th, and will be revealed on Monday, January 19th. Please remember to put your story title and your name on the subject line, and to use the Header provided on the community's profile page. Tag your story "January Potluck Challenge".

The prompts can be found behind the cut at the announcement post.


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