Jul. 22nd, 2010

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We will be having the "official" announcement at the anniversary celebration of MPTT on July 27th. But here is a basic guide to the Remix including the dates, and how it will be set up. If you haven't made up your mind yet, I hope this helps.

In the meantime, any questions at all, please ask your mods!

1. Each writer will be assigned an author and you may choose from any of her stories for your remix. We are considering giving particiapnts the choice to request an edited list of the assigned author's work if you feel looking at a large number of stories would prove overwhelming.

NOTE: Authors may choose to designate any of her stories as "Safe Stories", meaning those stories are not up for the remix.

2. The length is still being discussed, but that is also much like the fic exchanges we do. The story should be longer than a drabble or one-page ficlet. More details on this with the official announcement.

3. Each participant will indicate what types of stories/genres she is willing to write. This will help us in matching people to an appropriate author. Again, this is like the Yule exchange. If you have a preference, please state this, and conversely, please let us know if there are genres you will not be willing to write. This will assist us in matching authors up appropriately.

4. The ratings will follow the GFIC main group standards which allow ratings G - PG13 only!

5. We will announce the challenge on July 27th and immediately match up participants and hand out the assignments so you will have almost 8 weeks to finish by the September 22nd due date, which of course, coincides with another important birthday!

6. It would help us immensely if everyone who is definitely decided about participating would drop us a line. That way, we'd be able to start the matching process in advance of the announcement.

7. Participants will not be told who has been assigned to remix their story! The posting will be anonymous for a few days just for the fun of guessing who wrote what. In this spirit, we also ask that you not share the information with others regarding which author you are remixing!

NOTE: We will need some volunteers to "pinch hit" in case of unforeseen circumstances in which someone is unable to finish the assignment. We do ask that you consider the time committment of taking on this challenge and be prepared to finish it in time. It functions much like a Fic Exchange, in which another person is expecting to receive a story in turn for the one she is writing, so please consider this when deciding whether or not to join in!

Thanks, and more info coming soon! If you'd like to participate, please contact us by posting a response here of on the GFIC group or LJ Community.

Cathleen, Dreamflower, Pearl Took, and Dawn Felagund


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